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Аqua Миргород


The glorious Myrhorod region is known throughout Ukraine and the world for its mineral and drinking waters

Back in 1912 in Myrhorod, the famous doctor Ivan Zubkovsky discovered a healing source of crystal mineral water, took samples and sent them to the Military Medical Academy in Petrograd. Water was recognized as not only useful, but also unique.

Миргородський край
Калінка лого

PRIVATE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Myrhorod Food Factory “Kalinka” also has a glorious history, which begins in 1903, as a food production enterprise.

Since 1974, the Myrhorodsk food factory, the legal successor of which is PRJSC Myrhorodsk foodstuff plant "Kalinka", has been drilling a well, and since 1975, after research and comprehensive testing for the purpose of balneological evaluation of water, the Odesa Research Institute of Spa Resorts has begun bottling mineral medicinal and table water under the name “Myrgorodsk No. 2”. Natural mineral water is supplied from a depth of 695 m, undergoes natural purification and is ideal for consumption.


High-quality and safe products of PJSC “Myrhorodskyi zavod prodtovariv” “Kalinka” are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation and thanks to the work of highly qualified specialists who are not indifferent to their work.

An integrated, certified food safety management system for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 22000:2019 (ISO 22000:2018) and a quality management system for compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001: 2015), implemented the principles of the HACCP system.